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Golden Age Aeroworks LLC is pleased to introduce our exciting Sport Camp line of homebuilt radial engine aircraft kits.

The design of the Sport Camp series of radial engine homebuilt aircraft kits started in Italy in 2001, just after the first rumors of the Sport Pilot Certificate and Special Light Sport Aircraft Rules began to circulate. When the Sport Camp line of amateur-built aircraft was originally conceived, three different aerodynamic layouts were planned: the low-wing LoCamp; the parasol wing HiCamp; and the biplane BiCamp. For now, only the LoCamp is in production. It is available  in both fully manufactured fly-away and homebuilt aircraft kit forms.

While the LoCamp was designed to accommodate the 1,320 lbs. gross weight limit of the Sport Pilot regulations, a builder can choose a higher gross weight up to 1,500 lbs. if he or she has a Private Pilot or higher pilot certificate and is not restricted by the Sport Pilot weight limit.

We feature the Rotec radial engines but are happy to work with buyers with a different engine in mind, including the Verner radial engine or a horizontal opposed engine like the O-320 or O-200.  Our vision is to produce vintage homebuilt aircraft kits, but the engine choice is yours!

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LoCamp aircraft were previously available only as radial engine homebuilt aircraft kits but we have recently started also offering completed, fly-away aircraft. Contact us for details!


Light Sport Aircraft and the Sport Pilot License


We are trendsetters in the imaginative design of vintage homebuilt aircraft kits. With over 40 years of interest in all things aeronautical and over a decade of experience in the production and sales of kit aircraft, we have secured our place in the sport plane scene.


Innovative aircraft design is our specialty.

Our sport aircraft designs merge the latest technology with beautiful aesthetics which lead to an unrivaled product.


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Professional aircraft design requires a lot more than just knowledge of cosmetics and aircraft mechanics. It takes advanced knowledge and experience in the science of aeronautics to deliver quality products to more potential customers. Golden Age Aeroworks LLC is a professional aircraft design company that stands for quality, stellar design and outstanding client support. Our professional team has our clientele realizing ownership of exciting sport aircraft more than ever before!


Featuring Rotec Radial Engines.

Our unique sport aircraft designs utilize the high standards of the Rotec brand of aircraft engines.


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Rotec radial engines have been developed and refined over many years to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics, performance and reliability. The radial configuration allows for excellent air cooling.  With the absence of liquid cooling the radial installation is simpler, neater and more cost effective than inline or horizontal opposed engines.



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