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To find out more about GoldenAgeAeroworks.com, simply explore our site and you'll very soon see why our aircraft is so highly treasured by owners of our sport aircraft. Golden Age Aeroworks LLC is an aircraft production Company located less than an hour west of Madison in Lone Rock and Spring Green Wisconsin. GAA has been offering professional, high quality sport kit aircraft since 2007.

Our success is measured by your satisfaction. For us it's not simply about building something that looks fantastic, our aircraft needs to provide great results and exceed your expectations.



LoCamp aircraft were previously available only as radial engine homebuilt aircraft kits but we have recently started also offering completed, fly-away aircraft. Contact us for details!


Providing High Quality Aircraft Since 2007

As an emerging leader in the development of amazing vintage homebuilt aircraft kits, we offer a cutting-edge, high performance product that will stand the test of time. 

We Are Experts In:

  • Aircraft Development
  • Aircraft Design
  • Aircraft Construction
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Piloting
  • Flight Training

At Golden Age Aeroworks LLC, we look forward to a future of providing stellar vintage homebuilt aircraft kits and outstanding product support to thoroughly satisfied aircraft owners all around the world. We strongly encourage you to have a look at our highly affordable sport aircraft kits.  It is our passion to empower others by sharing what we've learned in our company's journey.

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About Our Founder And Our History

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Golden Age Aeroworks, LLC was formed in 2007 as one of the original dealers for Aerolab, the Italian company that developed the Sport Camp series of kit aircraft. GAA is now the owner of all rights relating to the Sport Camp line of aircraft, including the low-wing LoCamp now in production. Our operations are based at Tri-County Regional Airport (KLNR), Lone Rock, Wisconsin, about 35 miles west of Madison. Golden Age Aeroworks, LLC is owned by Ed Leineweber.

Ed has been fascinated with all things aeronautical for over 40 years. Born and raised in Chicago, he relocated to Southwest Wisconsin shortly after college to escape the big city for a quieter rural life. Ed maintained a very active law practice for over 20 years before being elected to the Circuit Court in 1997. He retired from full-time judging in 2011 but remains a reserve judge. Ed returned to private practice in 2011, but currently restricts his practice to mediation of civil cases and serving as a court-appointed special master in electronic discovery disputes.  He focused his earlier years of private law practice on aviation-related lelgal matters  Leineweber Law LLC.

Ed Leineweber is an aircraft owner, Commercial Pilot, CFII, former Fixed Base Operator, licensed aviation maintenance technician, former airport manager, former Wisconsin FAA Safety Team member and successful self-employed entrepreneur. His enthusiasm for the LoCamp aircraft is nearly boundless. Just ask his wife, Joy.



Golden Age Aeroworks LLC

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