LoCamp Kit Prices

Special One-Time Offer: LoCamp Kit and R3600 Engine for $28,500!  Click here for details.

Now accepting orders for LoCamp Kits!

Since our acquisition of the LoCamp design and production rights followed by review and modification of the certain aspects of the aircraft, kit pricing is currently under review.  At this point, we are accepting orders for LoCamp kits, including the firewall-forward sub-kit for the Rotec R2800 radial engine, for $21,900, plus taxes, crating and shipping.  (R2800 engine not included.) 

The LoCamp kit may be purchased in sub-kits as follows: (1) fuselage and tail section, $9,700; (2) wings, including ailerons, flaps and control assemblies, $9,700; and firewall forward, $2,500.

This price is not likely to hold as we resume production of kit parts, and finalize development of firewall forward kits for the Rotec R3600 and Lycoming O-320 horizontal opposed 150-h.p. engines, although we aim to establish a price structure that will be among the most competitive in the kit plane industry. This current status offers an incredible opportunity to be an early LoCamp builder at a fantastic not-to-be-repeated price. 


Aereo412hi     SNF LoCamp N527CL Resized 4 17 16      Aereo73 




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