Be a Golden Age Aeroworks LoCamp Beta Builder and Save

Want to save on the cost of your Golden Age Aeroworks LoCamp kit?  Consider becoming one of our Beta Builders.  This is a special program offered to a select and limited number of our early kit builders designed to facilitate the development of our products.  In exchange for a substantial price discount, the Beta Builders agree to: 

  • Keep careful records of build time and report it to us using an online system;
  • Follow and critique the LoCamp Assembly Manual and report any problems, errors or better assembly ideas;
  • Report Helpful Hints and special assembly tools they have developed;
  • Cooperate in showing their LoCamp project to interested buyers;
  • Report progress on our Golden Age Aeroworks website projects page; and
  • Use their best efforts to complete their aircraft within an agreed time frame.

While not for everybody, this program might be just what makes your dream of building and flying a LoCamp a reality. Let's talk!


fussing with the fuseSpar assembly 2



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