Slowed By Pandemic, We Continue to Move Forward and Plan for Better Days

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We've all said it innumerable times, "Who would have ever imagined how 2020 would turn out when we welcomed in the New Year last January?"  But here we are: cancelled orders; cancelled airshows; disrupted supply chains; cumbersome safety protocols necessary to slow the virus spread, but very disruptive to business and shop operations. And perhaps most disconcerting, we don't know what the coming months will hold. We can only hope that 2021 will bring brighter days.

We here at Golden Age Aeroworks LLC are using our "Covid Pause" to position ourselves for growth when more normal times return. These activities include reestablishing inventory parts supply chains and restocking kit parts inventory; refining our aft fuselage fuel system, installing an alternate wheels & brakes system, and working through our alternative engine installations.  Meanwhile, if all goes well, our prototype, N527CL, will take to the skies once again in the early autumn.

So, we're still here, working from our beautiful new shop hangar on higher, non-flooding airport ground.  We are taking kit orders for delivery late this year.  We are still looking for Beta Builders and offering special arrangements to your benefit and ours.

Let's talk!

Ed Leineweber

Golden Age Aeroworks LLC

GAA Shop Hangar Relocation To Higher Ground Underway

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Having suffered through three airport floods in 10 years, and two this year alone, we are in the process of relocating our shop hangar to higher ground at our home base, Tri-County Regional Airport, LNR, known locally as Lone Rock (situated as it is between the Lone Rock VOR and the small Village of Lone Rock, Wisconsin).  The new hangar building was purchased for this purpose about a year ago, and the planned addition is now becoming a reality!

The really big job remains to be  undertaken: moving all the shop equipment, tools, benches, shelving and supplies to the new facility.  With a little cooperation from Old Man Winter, we hope to be snugly in our new facility before the spring rains again threaten the lower-lying areas of the airport.

The kit parts inventory will remain in our other hangar facilities elsewhere on the field, were we have taken precautions to protect it from future flooding. 

There is no doubt that weather disasters cost us dearly in 2019, both in physical flood damage and in lost time pursuing our LoCamp development program.  But we've worked hard to overcome those problems, and are excited about 2020 in our new shop!

Ed Leineweber,

Golden Age Aeroworks, LLC.

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A Very Wet 2019 Upsets Our Development Plans

Twice this year, early spring and late fall, our home airport, Tri-County Regional (LNR) has been severely flooded, closing runways, taxiways, ramps, the fuel system and navigational aids, and in some cases, invading hangars, the terminal/FBO and maintenance shop. This has made it very difficult to maintain our product development plans and caused us to loose most of 2019, having instead to "tread water."

While the LoCamp aircraft in our shop were not damaged, the hangar containing our kit parts inventory was flooded, causing loses inside.  We are still reorganizing and recovering as winter closes in early In Wisconsin.

Meanwhile a second Rotec R2800-powered LoCamp project now also under construction will be finished as well, unless sooner sold as a project to a Beta Builder.  See the earlier blog for the special pricing details.

As 2019 winds down, we can't say we're sorry to see it go. But we have big plans for 2020, including a move to a new shop hangar on higher, non-flooding ground on the airport, and the completion of prototyping projects for other engine options.  And we are especially excited about the prospect of offering completed, fly-away aircraft, built to the buyer's specifications.

Yes, were optimistic for the future. Let's hear from you!

Ed Leineweber, Golden Age Aeroworks, LLC Mgr. Member

Golden Age Aeroworks Offers Completed, Fly-Away LoCamp Aircraft

We at Golden Age Aeroworks, LLC have made the decision to shift focus from aircraft kit sales to offering completed fly-away aircraft with the powerplant, instrumentation and other features selected by the buyer.  The details of this new focus are still being developed, and the final outcome will be dependent on the results of the FAA regulations revision process now underway, but it is not too soon for interested pilots to contact us and get the discussion going.

So, if you see yourself piloting a beautiful open-cockpit LoCamp low and slow across the countryside, but don't think you'll ever have the spare time or needed tools or skills to build it yourself, we will soon have a solution that enables your dreams to come true.  Let's talk!

Ed Leineweber

Golden Age Aeroworks, LLC

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