GAA Shop Hangar Relocation To Higher Ground Underway

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Having suffered through three airport floods in 10 years, and two this year alone, we are in the process of relocating our shop hangar to higher ground at our home base, Tri-County Regional Airport, LNR, known locally as Lone Rock (situated as it is between the Lone Rock VOR and the small Village of Lone Rock, Wisconsin).  The new hangar building was purchased for this purpose about a year ago, and the planned addition is now becoming a reality!

The really big job remains to be  undertaken: moving all the shop equipment, tools, benches, shelving and supplies to the new facility.  With a little cooperation from Old Man Winter, we hope to be snugly in our new facility before the spring rains again threaten the lower-lying areas of the airport.

The kit parts inventory will remain in our other hangar facilities elsewhere on the field, were we have taken precautions to protect it from future flooding. 

There is no doubt that weather disasters cost us dearly in 2019, both in physical flood damage and in lost time pursuing our LoCamp development program.  But we've worked hard to overcome those problems, and are excited about 2020 in our new shop!

Ed Leineweber,

Golden Age Aeroworks, LLC.

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